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I’m Krystal Mendez owner and passionate crafter behind Luz de Luna Crafts. My love for crafting and being creative started as far back as I can remember. My mother always encouraged and indulged my creative whims. If it wasn’t singing, dancing, or theater, it was sewing, painting, and crafting. As an adult I continued my love of creating. I would make gifts for birthdays and holidays. A few years back, my Mother asked for help making “Mexican Ornaments” for her Christmas tree. I posted our creations on social media and I shortly after started getting “special order requests”! Well one thing lead to another and Luz de Luna Crafts was born! I do not stand alone in this adventure…. I am fortunate to have my husband, Oscar Mendez and Mother, Lupe Nuñez support. Without them Luz de Luna Crafts would not exist!


About my Mother…

I don’t know how she did it. She raised 3 (ahem…beautiful, intelligent, creative, amazing) daughters (me being the oldest and wisest lol), she worked full time, kept a beautiful, loving home, and cooked amazing traditional meals that were enjoyed at the dinner table as a family every night. I hope to one day share my Mother’s teachings with a child of my own!

UPDATE: Since I wrote this bio...my husband and I became parents! January 2020 our Daughter Katalina was born. I can't explain the immense love we have for her. Our world has completely changed. Everything we do, we do with her in mind. How does this benefit her? How does that affect her? We try to make decisions that will influence her life in the best way possible. Along the way we enjoy the silly and memorable moments we have with her!

About my Husband…

Well he swears he doesn’t craft! And in the obvious sense he doesn’t, but he really has an eye for creating things from nothing. He is a CNC machinist and programmer by trade, which means he is given raw material and drawings with very precise measurements and creates it! I am very fortunate to have his support. He designs and hand cuts many of the wood and acrylic shapes that I use to create many of our products. He also has started designing and creating the displays we use to showcase our merchandise at the various shows and events we participate in.

Luna Crafts has become our creative outlet, where we can share our love, appreciation and beauty of our Latin heritage and hope to inspire others to do the same!

Thank you for visiting our site!